• Welcome to Xpressshine

    Where we maximize customer satisfaction by giving our customers a convenient, easy, fast & affordable car wash.


Xpressshine Carwash has combined experience & innovation to provide the best car wash system in the business.

  • In just 3 minutes, customers get a sparkling, clean, and dry car for as little as $6.00
  • We Recycle Our Water .  Xpressshine Car Wash is environmentally friendly and uses significantly less water than the competitors.  All of our chemicals are biodegradable and we use VFD to conserve energy.
  • Free High powered suction vacuums for inside cleaning.
  • Xpress Shine gets your car really clean and really dry without brushing it, blasting it, rubbing it, or putting harsh chemicals on it. We wash your car with biodegradable, high-lubricity foam and low pressure water. We dry your car with gravity and blown air.
  • We provide customized wash options and interior cleaning service as well without taking too much of your time.
  • We provide a seperate area for bug scrubing and wheel cleaning.


Excellent Carwash and Great Service!!. I really enjoy the carwash. I go every weekend. Attendant Eric is always helpful, great customer service and takes pride in his job. Great pricing they also offer a few incentives to come back. Highly recommended!!!–Najah B.

Great Car Wash. I really like this car wash because it is inexpensive and you can get 1/2 off on your next wash. Also, if it rain within 24 hours of cleaning your car you can go back to get an reduce price on a car wash.–Tonie P.

It is in the right place. The vaccums work great and the washer washes well. They do a great job of keeping the place clean as well. I love it!
JaShaunna B.

Great service with great prices. I love that I can save half on my next wash whenever I go.–Stephanie M.

Excellent Job. It s a great place to wash your car. The people are very helpful there. So I go there Often.
jose o.

Well managed…well maintained…friendly and helpful staff….I’d highly recommend–Regdrow W.

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